One of the most challenging things for companies especially after launching their online business is attracting customers to come and shop. That is why you will find that most new companies invest heavily in marketing their products. However, it is essential to know that increasing the customer’s rate of buying is one of the tricks of making your business successful online. Remember that in as much as you would like to make sales, your customers are also expecting something from you. Some of the ways of increasing sales on your website include;

  • Integration with a proper distribution channel

Having the right combination of e-commerce platform and distribution channel will go a long way to attract your sales. An excellent example of such a combination is using Shopify as your e-commerce platform and Amazon as your distribution channel. Being one of the most common kinds of e-commerce platforms integration in the United Kingdom, companies today enjoy a seamless management system for their combined platforms. However, it costs a few dollars to be able to have your Shopify and Amazon link.

  • Speed up the check-out process

One thing that customers like is speed when shopping online. That’s one of the main reasons why Amazon has been a dominant player in the e-commerce industry. A fast check out process encourages sales by ensuring that most of the orders are completed. That’s why most companies are optimizing their check out process so that it can be functional on various devices.

  • Using high-quality images

Images are the only proof of the product a customer has when shopping online. It is therefore essential to know that you need to make sure that you always have the perfect pictures for your website. Apart from your photos being of high quality, you need to make sure that you use images that will show a product from an all-around perspective. It is also good to know that the more pictures you have of a single product, the better. However,  make sure that you don’t upload the same photo twice.


By ensuring that your customers are safe and satisfied, you will have an easy time attracting and retaining them. Getting loyal customers online is easy, but you need to be strategic with your approach. Things like discounts and free shipments are some of the things that a customer can never ignore when thrown at them. The good thing is, there are several ways to win customers online.