While most people know that Shopify and Amazon are widely used as different accounts, it is good to know that you can integrate Shopify and Amazon. Product management is one of the things that you will enjoy doing as any changes made on Shopify will affect your Amazon account. However, you need to know that with such integration comes to the big responsibility of ensuring that your customers are well served and assisted when shopping from your website. Some of the reason why many companies in Australia are considering Amazon as an essential distribution channel include;

  • It is already a famous market

It is not possible for someone to know Shopify without ever hearing the word ÔÇťAmazon.” That can explain the fact why some people can only shop from Amazon. Hence, the combination of these two platforms has lots of advantages. Using such a popular platform as your distribution channel will make work easy for you especially when it comes to marketing your company. However, you should know that when integrating your Amazon and Shopify you are only allowed to sell seven products categories and your currency must be in USD.

  • Puts you on another level of competition

Not so many people know that you can link Shopify to Amazon. Successful integration will, therefore, give you a better position of conducting business. You should see that Amazon is one of the most used selling websites in the world. By linking it to your Shopify account, you will be giving your company the chance to attract customers from parts of the world that your business could not reach before.

  • Saves time and resources

What many online business people do is that they tend to open and use separate Shopify and Amazon account for their company. The problem with this is that they will have to manage the business through two different dashboards. That makes work even more complicated as you will have to operate products in both accounts actively. This can easily lead to confusion, or you may end up focusing more on one side than the other.


In a world where companies are doing all they can to top the global market ranks, it is imperative that you do proper research. If you already have other distribution channels, then it is good to find out if they can integrate with Shopify. If not, you can always use Amazon as your first distribution channel.